1. How will they support themselves?

WKFoR is financially responsible for the refugees for the first year, or until they become financially self-sufficient, which is usually before the first year.

2. How will they learn English?

The refugees will attend classes at the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy.

Members of the WKFoR will provide additional tutoring in English and help newcomers acquire useful skills like Foodsafe training and drivers’ licenses.

3. How will they integrate into Rossland?

We encourage volunteers to get involved introducing the refugee families to the many activities our community has to offer: concerts, pot-luck dinners, skiing etc. We are a welcoming community! Having children enrolled in our schools will help integrate the entire family as they meet new people.

4. How will they deal with winter?

 It’s up to Rosslanders to show the families just how much fun winter can be. Please donate your extra winter clothes, snowshoes or skis.

5. How can I contribute?

 Contribute financially. Donations can be made through Nelson and District Credit Union, Rossland branch.

Donate clothes, furniture and gear when the families arrive.

Become a volunteer. Help us fundraise. Help take a family member to the grocery store, out for a driving lesson or for a day of fun in the snow. Every little gesture helps.

Contact Jan 250-362-5289 for more details.