Benefit to Rossland

WKFoR is excited to enable these families to come to Rossland. Not just because we are able to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but also because they will contribute greatly to our community.

Some Canadians feel that our own citizens (seniors, single parents) are being robbed of a decent living while the government is spending money on refugees who are less in need.  This article shows that it is difficult to draw any sort of comparison.

Our families come from completely different cultures with different customs, culture and food than we are familiar with here. We anticipate that these families will be just as enthusiastic about sharing their traditions and culture with us as we are about sharing Canadian values and our way of life with them. We can learn much about their political situation and how democracy has been abused, and yet keeps fighting back, in this troubled country.



Artwork from Eyobed, 5 yrs old


The WKFoR is particularly interested in sponsoring families with young children. We believe the wealth of information and eye-opening experiences these kids will share with our own will be very beneficial to broadening the perspective of our own community and help our children grow to be responsible world citizens. They represent a window to a world few of us have experienced. We anticipate our sponsorship efforts to be a two way learning experience and look forward to finding out more about Syria, Eritrea and Burma from the new Rossland families.